International Projects

Banco Popular Español, S.A.

LPG carried out the replacement of Halon 1301 in the bank's office building (headquarters) in Madrid. LPG also took charge of the calculating for the retrofitting.

Aboño / Asturias power plant

The risks protected with LPG systems were the following: safety barriers, distribution cabinets, excitation cabinets, relay cabinets, electro-filter cabinets, computer room, cabinet control room and control room.

Bilbao Metro / Bilbao

The mechanical escalators of the 32 stations that make up the Bilbao Metro were protected using LPG AQUAFOG (nebulised water).

Caja Madrid / Madrid

LPG has supplied the material for the protection against fires of the central office building of Caja de Madrid. The extinguishing agent HFC-227ea were used.

National Art Museum of Catalonia / Barcelona

LPG systems have been used to protect the different rooms of this museum, and around 2,000 kg of the HFC 227ea extinguishing unit were used.

Nissan Plant / Barcelona Duty-Free Zone

LPG provided 1,800 kg of FE-13 and 2,000 kg of CO2 to protect the data processing centre, technical rooms, electrical panels and transformer stations.

Runway lighting 3rd runway Barajas / Madrid Airport

The fire protection on the third runway at Barajas was carried out with LPG systems. More specifically, the technical rooms that ensure the runway elements perform were protected.

Seat Plant / Martorell Barcelona

LPG supplied the materials for the protection of the data processing centre, electrical panels, technical rooms and transformer stations of this plant. More than 1,400 kg of the FE-13 extinguishing agent and 6,500 kg of CO2 were used.

The Prado Museum / Madrid

LPG supplied more than 3,000 kg of FE-13 in order to protect: the galleries, the technical rooms, the transformer stations and the art storage areas.

Vallvidrera Tunnels / Barcelona

The service and control building of the Vallvidrera tunnels and the TABASA concession section of the A-9 Barcelona highway use LPG systems to protect against fires.

Ankara Metro Project / Turkey

LPG Group of Companies was selected to provide the material for the Ankara Metro fire project.

Bangkok Metro Project / Thailand

The Project carried out by LPG includes works management, engineering, supply of material, installation and maintenance, setting-up, preparation of project manuals and training.

BBC White City Project / Great Britain

LPG was chosen by the BBC to supply the fire protection equipment.

Dubai Bank / UAE

LPG Group has supplied material for the protection of computer archive rooms of the National Bank of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Matav Telecom Project / Hungary

The Hungarian telephone company Matav, whose main stakeholders are the American Ameritech and the German Deutsche Telekom, chose LPG systems for its fire protection project.

Media City / Dubai EAU

Media City - Internet City is a top-drawer technological complex in Dubai (UAE), hosting large companies like Microsoft, HP, Canon, Siemens, Cisco, NEC and Oracle, among others.

Moscow roundabout protection / Russia

The implementation of the third ring road in Moscow (Russia) and its corresponding control centre has already finalised. LPG Group took part in the project with the fire protection of the roundabout traffic control server rooms, data and power cable conduits, and transformers.

Refinery Project in Esmeraldas / Ecuador

The LPG Project Engineering Department has carried out the fire protection project at a refinery in the city of Esmeraldas (Ecuador).

The Cairo Military Hospital Project / Egypt

The LPG Project Engineering Department together with an international team of collaborators, carried out the fire protection project at the Cairo Military Hospital in Egypt.

The Pushkin Museum / Moscow

LPG carried out the fire extinction project using 4,500 kg of FE-13 as extinguishing agent.