Mineral insulated technology uses only inorganic materials such as copper and magnesium oxide, which offers a unique combination of dependability and performance.

Inorganic construction also means MI cable is an environmentally-friendly option and does not burn, produce smoke or contribute to ongoing fire emergencies.

Other benefits of mineral insulated copper cable include:

  • Superior ampacity: nVent PYROTENAX cables are approved to push more power through a smaller area, saving space in your overall design.
  • Free Air Cable Rating: MI cable can be bundled with a variety of other cables, giving them a free air rating. Other systems can achieve free air, but often have to de-rate their ampacity or use more space in the overall design.
  • Easy to Install: Unlike concrete construction methods, MI cable will not fail due to sensitive installation requirements. If the installation manual is followed, MI cable will be fire-rated every time.

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