Hot Water Temp Maintenance

Hot Water Temp Maintenance

nVent RAYCHEM hot water maintenance (HWAT) solutions provide a smart and simple single pipe alternative to the traditional method of hot water recirculation.

  • HWAT technology creates a single-direction system that can more efficiently supply hot water to tenants, resulting in less energy and water waste. The system also provides energy data for more personal control of energy usage and greater accuracy of energy monitoring.
  • An HWAT system eliminates the typical hot water recirculation system problem of needing hot water return lines and components that are typically required in these systems. Heat traced solutions can lower a building's up-front costs and free up valuable building space for other uses.
  • A self-regulating HWAT system delivers hot water to building occupants when and where they need it, enhancing comfort.

The HWAT electric heat tracing system is particularly suited for use in large commercial buildings:

  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Hospitals

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