Water Mist Systems

Water Mist Systems

Water mist system optimises the quantity of water used, maximising effective water volume by means of distribution of droplets of very tiny size, which produce a cooling effect. Thus, damage is reduced by reduction of volume of water used.

Water Mist Systems offer safe, effective and environmentally conscious fire suppression. Low & High pressure systems operate at a working pressure from 8bar to 200bar with specially-designed discharge nozzles that spray water in tiny droplets. This results in a fog that provides a highly effective combination of extinguishing actions.

Water mist owes its extinguishing efficacy to the joint actuation of 3 main effects:

  • Smothering: Vapour generated displaces an equivalent of oxygen volume, thus producing a smothering effect.
  • Cooling: Water spray in droplets of micrometric size produce a large heat collector surface.
  • Attenuation: Mist generated in the enclosure absorbs a great amount of radiant heat, thus protecting adjacent objects.

Aquamist System

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